A downloadable Experience for Windows

You are Lieutenant Kenshin Herakles, of the Horizon. You wake up, alone, on the derelict remains of your vessel. 

In "o2" you are on a limited supply of oxygen, and can consistently resupply your suit to avoid oxygen starvation. You can explore the remains of the Horizon to find out what happened to the ship and her crew. 

"o2" is a narrative drive, first person experience with themes derived from classic cosmic horror and science fiction. 

Install instructions

Download the given zip file and extract it, open the .exe file and run the game.


You can use "WASD" for movement

You can interact with items in the world by using the "E" key.

You can use the "backspace" key to close logs

You can jump by using the "spacebar" key 


O2.zip 143 MB


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Interesting visual style!